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Mails bloqués par Office 365/Outlook

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Si c'est Microsoft qui blacklist c'est clair qu'il n'y qu'eux qui pourront faire quelques choses c'est à leurs bon vouloir

Thunderbit n'étant qu'un simple lecteur mail en quoi sa changera quelque chose au routage.

Envoyé de mon ASUS_Z016D en utilisant Tapatalk

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Dernier message de Microsoft

En gros c'est FREE qui doit faire quelque chose !!! A devenir cinglé


Hello Admin,

Thanks for your patience while we investigated your deliverability issue reported in ticket for

As background information we would like to mention here that when a sender sends email through an Email Service Provider ("ESP"), our service receives the email from the IP addresses of the ESP rather than directly from the sender's IP.

In this situation, deliverability of the email is directly affected by the reputation of the ESP's IPs.

The email you sent came to EOP through the which belongs to your ESP.

At this time, the IP shows irregular sending patterns to EOP and is not eligible for mitigation. 

Hence, In order to continue with the delisting process, we request that you provide us with the following information:

 1. What caused the spam-like activity from the IP address?
 2. What steps have been taken to prevent the spam-like activity from occurring again?

Please contact your ESP and work with them to address your mail deliverability concerns.

Thank you again for contacting Microsoft Online Services technical support and giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Kedar Vyavahare
Microsoft Online Services Technical Support


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Bonsoir! Bien sûr que l'on peut passer par là!!! reste que professionnellement ce n'est vraiment pas pratique, avec tous le mails de clients qui figurent sur Outlook. Ceci dit, cela ne marche pas à tous les coup.Un essai la semaine dernière depuis la messagerie Free.....rejeté.

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