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  1. Hey All, I am working on a project to get a few buildings in the same property connected via fiber. 3 Buildings, max 50ft between buildings. I know the basics on fiber, and I can work with it but not knowledgeable much in new installs between buildings. I have two bids from two contractors one is in the 30K, the other in lower 10k. The bulk of the price for the 30k one is a conduit system. My question here really is are there any good books, articles on fiber installation best practices. Conduit systems, advantages and disadvantages or things I should be considering. Thanks! EDIT: I really appreciate everyone's input. I was expecting maybe 2 replies on how I should go google everything, which is why I posted asking for resources and not asking for anyone to do my job. However, everyone's response has been so generous with a wealth of information. I definitely understand the what needs to be installed, but had previously a hard time with the why that way and was more confused by the difference in prices. Again, really appreciate you guys. Happy Friday!
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